Monday, June 1, 2009

Rob, Eduardo, and Me at the Awards...

Ok, So not really at the award show itself, but close enough (if the same state counts). Here we are in my living room, pulling up a chair (Eduardo likes to feel like a big man on my daughters horse, so he stands there) getting ready to see a whole lotta Rob. The movie awards start Eduardo and I are sooo excited (cant you tell he never put his arms down) to see Twilight kick some major ass in the nominations department. So, Shia Lebouf introduces Rob and Cam (totally butchers Cam's last name) and they take the stage. (gulp...sigh...) Eduardo comments to me "Hey the guy in the blue jacket is hot...(duh) and he looks eerily familiar...hmmmm" . "You don't say... maybe it is the fluorescent lights (lol)" Oh well, next, KStew and Rob win best kiss...(Eduardo did not take this well at all) He looks to me as says" I don't like this one bit, why is this guy about to kiss my woman (whoa hold it right there mister, I am your woman, I bought you, I carry you in my purse day after day and this is what I get), then he proceeds to tell me some shit about how he is protective over her, yada yada yada...(like I haven't heard that before). Then we finally get to the good shit...the New Moon trailer. They all came out looking good (somebody really needs to teach Pattinson there how to button a shirt.Hmmm, wait maybe that is his thing...OK I can live with it) and they start showing the clip...Eduardo starts getting really excited seeing Bella at her party, gets really scared when he thinks Jasper is going to make mince meat out of her ass, then I hear a low growling sound...hmmm...Eduardo started going all vampire crazy at Jacob once he phased. (I had to calm him down with a little Debussy) OK not really, I don't have that crap just laying around, anywhere. Next thing you know KStew is on stage dropping her award...(real Bella of her, don't you think)? Overall good night, well, good day I actually dvr'd it and watch it the next day, lol. (Thats how you skip all the shit you really didn't want to see. If I may though say...Digging the Cat on a Keyboard, Couldn't understand any of the Jizz in my Pants...Dick in a Box song, loved that Eminem got a face full of Bruno's ass and balls...and most of all LOVED all the Rob shots (burnt forever in my head). Hope you all enjoyed it as much as Eduardo and I.

P.S.- Anyone hate the Orbit commercial as much as me?

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