Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only the best fan reaction...Ever!!

I am sure you have all seen this by now...but I can help it, watch it again...

Can I just start out by saying..."This has got to be the funniest reaction EVER" Seriously, ever time I watch it I want to die laughing. I love how it starts out with them "saying hi to their fans"(I guess I didn't realize these two are big celebrities, somewhere)...then they proceed into crazy mode. I like how the girl in the Cullen Crest shirt sits there blinking her eyes over and over "is this for real am I really about to watch this", just to make sure nothing gets in her way of watching the trailer. Then the scene where Edward pushes Jasper back from going ape shit on Bella (No, they don't show it on here I have just watched this and the trailer enough to know), the girl on the right has the funniest facial expression for sooo long. Talk about good facial muscles. It only gets better when they see Jacob and he phases into the wolf. "OH, My God"! About the 2:45 mark the girl on right starts laughing so hysterically I swear she is going to kill over right there. I was laughing so hard with her I almost blacked out (ya know when you are laughing so hard you cant breathe and things go dark...yep that was me). I was not only fearing for her life but mine as well. Let's just say "definite tearing action". I want everyone to know that I want whatever they are on (please tell me it is more than the high from the clip). I think I especially like how the girl in the Cullen Crest shirt starts out all nerdy like... then by the end of the clip she is totally gangsta. I think my ultimate fave part is at the 3:58 mark, Cullen Crest girl says "who gives a fuck about this dude"(Ben Stiller). Classic, I love it. I cant get enough. To semi quote Twilight " I never really put much thought into how I was going to die. But to die while watching this video, would be the best way to go"

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  1. I hope they're not sitting next to me when I see the movie!