Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can somebody please tell me...

Eww...I am so telling Bella!

Who's ass do I have to pop a cap in to get this chicky off my man. This was not in the agreement..."What agreement?" you ask...the one I had with myself and my fictitious boyfriend...that's who! I mean seriously think how I felt waking up this morning to only the worst news ever...(no not about Farrah or Micheal Jackson)but that Claire is totally sucking face with my man. How would he feel if I was caught making out with...hmmmm....Eduardo? weird and not flexible enough)....ummm....Johnny would he feel? *Slapped backed to reality* OK, I get it...he wouldn't care, but why not? And why does he have to be kissing other women, cant he be like a priest or something...No, the Pope, then he can be put on display in a bullet proof glass truck and driven all around the world for all his fans to ogle. I will pay him to do that job.

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