Monday, June 15, 2009

And I thought the Artwork was bad...

Take a good hard look...something is about to happen!

Scary shit ladies...back the fuck up!

Whoa, hold the press...what is the chick (in the wannabe KStew flannel) wearing? I mean seriously does she think by wearing that Rob will be like "Hey, Bella, wanna hang out, after you and your friends maul me?"Don't get me wrong here, I really do feel bad for the guy, he cant do anyone or go anywhere...*silence*...silly me...I mean do anything, without being bombarded. Now, I know what you are all thinking "Would you run up to RPatz if you saw him"?...and the answer is, NO...I don't know...Yes! Hello, I feel bad for the guy and all but come on I need to satisfy myself here. I would try my best to lead the crazy fanfreaks to the Messiah, but I would most likely eat shit on the way there (not a good runner, ask P.E. coach), then if I did make it I am sure I would either blow chunks on his face (from the running) or crap my pants, because how else would I express my emotions for "the hottest guy in the world"(I didn't make that up, just as Vanity Fair). Anyhoo... Can I say...If anyone ever sees these fan trolls... run the other way, hide anything having to do with Rob or Twilight and make sure small children are safe. On a side note, if you do have the balls to approach these wack jobs, make sure to give the one in the scary KStew flannel a pick, or a hat, or clippers, at this point anything will help. To the one in the purple shades...uh, nothing can help her!

Oh, and if you are wondering about Eduardo...last time I checked he was on Uranus!


  1. Oh My LORD! Shouldn't those girls be trolling a mall somewhere?

  2. like you know oh mi god
    pfft please what did they think they could maul him and he'll wanna shag them