Saturday, May 30, 2009

Could they be...

So, my hubby and I were driving home the other day (sans Eduardo) when he asked me "If KStew (yes... he really called her that) and Rob are together and they break up wont that hurt the movie?" I said "I don't think they are really together. " (Enough said, right?... WRONG!)

When I was in the shower I got to thinking (oh, no... panic has set in) about "what if they are together?" My brain starts working a mile a minute...they could be, no they couldn't, could they?...Then I remembered these pics (above) that I saw and had to re-look at them. Maybe they do look like they like each other (well she seems totally into him at the very least)... (Then I am off).."What if they break up, oh no, what will happen to Edward and Bella will they ever be together? Is there no hope for love in the real world." (That knocked me back into the world of reality) Edward and Bella are fake...he is a vampire (a beautiful, wonderful, lovely, smart, ...) which means who cares if they are together, yeah it makes for great publicity whether they are or not, but I want Rob/Edward for myself not her. (Geez, what sick masochistic world do we live in where women want their dream man to hook up with another woman?) I dont know I think my brain is being overtaken by the world of Twilight and I dont know what is real and fake anymore (I place full blame on Stephanie Meyer). Well, at least I still have my friend Eduardo...(Oh shit, something is definitely wrong with me.)

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