Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feast of Love...has nothing to do with Rob

That being said..A couple weeks ago my Netflix queue was getting pretty low so I decided to just add anything to it. Well, yesterday I received my newest rental entitled "Feast of Love". Now, I couldn't tell you anything about this movie except that it had Selma Blair and Morgan Freeman in it (not really the best selling points, but hey). So, there Eduardo and I are watching this when it gets into some sex scenes (I swear I saw Eduardo blush, then I remembered he a) is a vampire and b) is plastic)...Well, during this one scene I focused on the guy because he looked somewhat familiar...and guess who it was...Bella's dad, Charlie Swan. Yes, Billy Burke was doing the nasty multiple times in this flick. Every time I saw him all I could think was..."Yes, chief Swan" or "Be careful...I always am". (Poor Eduardo, I rushed to cover his eyes...but too late.) Billy doesn't have the mustache and he looks so young, even though this film is only a few years old. In the movie he plays a married man who is having an affair, he also ends up smacking the bitch up (no wonder Renee left his ass, lol). Movie was ok (if you don't mind heartbreak, death, divorce, etc). Now, I must tend to Eduardo since his eyes have been burning ever since seeing his father-in-law bucking down on some chick.

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