Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Fan Mom

So, I woke up this morning thinking about my day and what it holds for me, and thought I would show you guys what "A Day in the Life (or lack there of) of a Fan Mom" was like.

1) First things first wake up...to my daughter in my face telling me she needs to pee pee and poo poo in the potty...over and over, while being about 2cm from my face. Nice,right?

2) Get her something to eat and drink as well as put on a show for her (and make sure it is all enough to hold her attention so she doesn't bother me while I catch up on my Rob gossip)

3) Go to laptop and go through countless blogs, celebrity gossip pages, and message boards. All in hopes of seeing my beloved Rob.

4) Eventually lunch roles around (sooner than I expected but I guess that happens when you read fan fic. I assumed the world stopped while I was ignoring it, hmmm note to self: it doesn't) so I make my daughter food and while she is eating check the sites, again.

5) Then my daughter decides it would be fun to play with Eduardo. So they have a tea party...then she carries him around in her bucket, lets the dog play with him (all while giving him kisses), pushes him in a stroller, all that fun stuff...(ahh to be young and that be the fun stuff, lol)

6) Rescue Eduardo from my daughter as he is about to learn to swim in the toilet(which might have been OK if her father hadn't left it full of piss) Geez, men...I bet Edward would never do that.

7) NAP TIME! Great now I can visit the blogs again, just in case I missed something or they updated in the last 10 minutes. I have about 2 hours of uninterrupted Rob time.

8) She's up...alert, alert...hide Eduardo...get her snack...put on show...keep reading one of the 4 fan fic's I am into.

9) Start getting dinner ready for hubby (who am I kidding he can make something for us when he gets home) keep reading fan fic, blogs, etc
10) Hubby puts daughter in bath gets her ready for bed while I relax from my hard day and read my blogs, again.

11)Finally, she is asleep and I go off to watch Twilight, again!

Now I know what some of you might be thinking... and I want you to know that I am very present in my daughters life...I change her diapers, feed her, put shows on for her, and I sit on the couch in the same room all day with her. Plus, Eduardo knows what she likes so he helps out when she isn't putting his life in danger (swimming in pee, climbing the mountains in the liter box, crashing his head through glass windows, etc.)

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  1. HAHA I love it! My day is very similar however my son is at school all day so I have a little more uninterrupted time to watch Twilight and scour the internet for juicy Rob pics.